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how2educate is Sedona’s real estate school for salesperson and broker prelicense 90 hour courses.

$300 for either Salesperson or Broker 90 hr. course.

We will be Zooming classes through June.  You will receive an invitation so as to connect with Kathy Howe, Instructor/Host on Zoom.  So easy.  Many of you are probably already using Zoom.

Red circles  9-Noon     3.5 hrs

Black circles  1-4PM     3.5 hrs

Blue circles  9-Noon and 1-4PM   7 hrs

Check the days and time you can attend to add up to 90 hrs.

How our school works:

The Department of Real Estate uses a 50 min hour, allowing for a 10 minute break every hour.  If you take any breaks for phone calls or errands, you deduct the time you are gone.  You may come and go as you please, but the time will be deducted from your attendance. .

You take your classes on the days that work for you.

The minimum number of hours in the classroom is 90 hours, but you may come to class as often as you like.

Your class materials are online at  We have over 1000 quiz questions for you to access to test yourself.

If you prefer a book, you may purchase the book written by Kathy Howe for Dearborn Publishing.   $30.48.  Click here to order.  Note:  The book only covers 75% of the class.  Dearborn has a “big” book with National information.  The book is not necessary, but some of you want “paper”.

Meet Kathy Howe, your instructor.

Salesperson license

Broker license

Agreement – no refunds after you begin

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Call Kathy with any questions (after you read the information on this site)…  928-274-4088

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Kathy Howe, Owner/Educator/Administrator

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