Post Graduate List

This is a page for all graduates of how2educate LLC’s prelicensing programs (both salesperson and broker) to check to see where your classmates are, what’s happening, and leave information.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?   as of 6-4-17

All have passed how2educate LLC’s prelicense course.some broker some salesperson

Amy Fry                                     Coldwell Banker Residential  Sedona

Angie Wesley                            Terminated

Art Wilder                                  Re/Max Peak Properties  Flagstaff

Barbara Litrell                           Lifestyles of Arizona

Bhash                                        Beaver Creek Realty – Rimrock

Brad Roberts                             Diamond Resorts

Briana Shires                             Realty One Sedona

Brien Paquette                           Century 21 Sexton

Carly Wimmer                            My Home Group  Tempe AZ

Carrie Orloff                               Unknown

Cheri Kula                                  Southwood Properties    Rimrock

Cheryl Tomes                            Unlicensed

Cheryl Soderberg                      Hyatt Timeshare

Corinna Coplin                           Selna & Assoc

Crystal Hamilton                        Expired

Dale Sanford                               Unlicensed

Dan Steinberg                            Century 21  Flagstaff

David Hitesman                          Realty One – Flagstaff

David Zunker                              Expired

Dean Hambrick                           Terminated

Deborah Taylor                             Windermere   Prescott

Debra Power Frank                                Coldwell Banker Residential – Sedona

Deavin Sedillo                              Not licensed yet   Flagstaff

Eddy Schaub                               Terminated

Erika Garrow                               Coldwell Banker Residential  Sedona

Ian Martin                                   Re/Max Peak Properties Flagstaff

Mickey Smith                              Coldwell Banker Residential Sedona

Jackie Berger                               Coldwell Banker Residential Sedona

Jafria Thornburg                          Century 21 Sexton

Jamie Hribal                                CBRE – Phoenix

Janelle Runberg                          Working for NAU

Jay Fulbright                                Unknown

Jillian Anderson                          CWB-Mabery Real Estate

Jim Stark                                      Realty Executives  Sedona

John Curiel                                   Expertise Real Estate – Flagstaff

John B. Clemons                         Jackson & Associates Flagstaff

John Rosenthal                           Terminated

Jordan Reed                                 Unknown

Joyce Gonzalez                            Coldwell Banker Mabery

Julie Zaloga                                  Diamond Resorts

Kaleo Mattern                               Scottsdale, has not yet activated license

Kelly Broaddus                             RE/MAX Fine Properties – Flagstaff

Kim Morrison                               Inactive

Kim Rand                                      Inactive

Kip Sawyer                                    Arizona North – Flagstaff

Kristina Brooks                             Unknown

LaReta Duggan                               Inactive

Larry Klein                                      Coldwell Banker Residential  Sedona

Leslie Simon                                  Coldwell Banker Residential  Sedona

Lisa Cea                                          AZ Inactive  GA licensed

Leslie Fox                                       Inactive

Leslie Jackson                                Jackson & Associates Flagstaff

Lise Germaine Shattuck                Hyatt Resorts

Lynn Crawford                               Realty One Flagstaff

Mark Owens                                   Gentry Real Estate Group  Mesa

Michael Sorensen                          Expired

Michelle Gormlie                           Inactive

Patricia Ann Davis                          Unknown

Patrick Kohnen                               unlicensed

Patti Woodward                             Keller Williams Lake Havasu

Paul Fike                                          Unknown

Paul Gianelli                                    Realty One   Flagstaff

Penny Brockman                             Century 21 Sexton Realty

Peter Zid                                           Diamond Resorts

Raphael Lepercq                             Inactive

Raylina Stabreff                               Unknown

Rochell Howell                                 Century 21 – Cottonwood

Sally Satterberg                               Sanjo Investments

Samantha Hauger                           Stunning Homes   Phoenix

Sandor Nagy                                     Inactive

Sandy Brandvold                              ERA & Assoc

Sara Alper                                         Inactive

Sara Marshall                                    Coldwell Banker Residential – Sedona

Scott Pitts                                          Re/Max Excaliber

Sharon Pratt                                      Expired

Sierra Purner                                     Terminated

Steve Coykendall                              Peak Equity Realty  Williams

Susie Anderson                                Century 21 Sexton-Cottonwood

Sylvia Cameron                                Russ Lyon Sotheby Sedona

Temecia Tehama                              Expired

Toni Burks                                        Inactive

Toni Grimes                                      Inactive

Tracey Strauss                                  Expired

Valerie Wood                                     Valerie Wood & Assoc – Cornville

Verna Fischer                                    Berkshire Hathaway

William Carroll                                   Diamond Resorts

I’ll try to keep up the list… some people you went to school with may not have passed the state exam yet or activated their license…  Hope this list mentions everyone, but there may be some missing people.

  • Inactive – current but not hanging with a broker
  • Expired – in the “grace” period
  • Terminated – loss of license and will have to retake the licensing course

Kathy Howe

  • how2educate LLC
  • 1120 W SR89A, B5
  • Sedona, AZ 96336
  • 928-274-4088

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