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how2educate LLC, S06-0024, is an ADRE-approved real estate school, administered by Kathy Howe, owner/administrator/educator.  We teach the full 90 hours of prelicense for both brokers and sales persons.

Ours is a blended method of learning.

Kathy does not lecture the course materials.  Online study materials are available through our platform link for study in the classroom.  Quizzes are taken.  Kathy reviews the quizzes and selects areas for lecture when learners appear to have a difficult time grasping the concepts.

Schedule   You chose the days you want to attend

Shopping Cart    Please read the agreement as this is a no refund course.

Agreement   Please read

We expect you to leave our school more knowledgeable than other classrooms as we do try to give you a big picture of the Statutes, the Rules, Salesperson duties, Broker duties, information on just about every aspect of real estate, because Kathy Howe is still a practicing real estate broker.  Her company is Lifestyles of Arizona LLC.

  •   Arizona Real Estate & History
  •   How Does Government Work?
  •   The Commissioner, ADRE Structure, Licensing Laws
  •   Recovery Fund, Cemetery, Campgrounds, Timeshares
  •   Chapter 1 Quiz
  •   Commissioner’s Rules – AZ Administrative Code
  •   Broker Audit, Declaration, Statutes & Rules
  •   Original Agent Licensing and Education
  •   Licensee Advertising – Dos and Don’ts
  •   Earning and Paying Commissions
  •   Offers, Negotiations, Contracts, Developer Contracts
  •   Complaint, Investigation, Actions
  •   Chapter 2 Quiz
  •   Making Math Easy, Formulas, Practice
  •   Math Practice Questions
  •   Business Ownership, Management, Supervision, Risk
  •   Americans with Disabilities(ADA) and Fair Housing (FHA)
  •   Chapter 3 Quiz
  •   Agency, Fiduciary Duties, Employment Agreements, Disclosure
  •   Employment Agreements
  •   Property Management
  •   Disclosure & Consumer Protection
  •   Chapter 4 Quiz
  •   AZ 26th Amendment & Contract Terminology
  •   AZ Contracts and Broker Regulations
  •   Contract Concerns, Assignability, & Options
  •   Chapter 5 Quiz
  •   ARLTA, Definitions, Security Deposits
  •   Leases, Tenant Obligations, Rights
  •   Landlord & Tenant Remedies, Evictions
  •   Chapter 6 Quiz
  •   Math Practice – Again
  •   More Property Management
  •   Cooperative Real Estate and Associated Careers
  •   Chapter 7 Quiz
  •   Arizona Water: CAP, Surface, Ground, Definitions
  •   Water Doctrine, Ground Water, EPA
  •   Environmental Issues & Due Diligence
  •   Due Diligence
  •   Chapter 8 Quiz
  •   Fair Housing Laws & History
  •   1988 Fair Housing and ADA
  •   Americans With Disability Act
  •   Commercial Leases, Assignments, Effects of Bankruptcy & Foreclosures
  •   Chapter 9 Quiz
  •   Math Prorations
  •   Escrow and Title Services
  •   Encumbrances, Liens, Types, Priority
  •   Mechanic’s Liens
  •   Chapter 10 Quiz
  •   Arizona Financing Deeds – Foreclosure – Bankruptcy
  •   Deed in Lieu & Anti-Deficiency
  •   Agreement for Sale Foreclosures & Bankruptcy
  •   Chapter 11 Quiz
  •   Real Property v Personal Property & The Estate Concept
  •   Ownership and Government Rights
  •   Tax Implications on Real Estate
  •   Chapter 12 Quiz
  •   Land Descriptions and Government Surveys
  •   Subdivision, Lot, Block, Tract, Developments
  •   Construction Terminology
  •   Chapter 13 Quiz
  •   Transfer of Title Terminology
  •   Definitions & Terminology
  •   Title Insurance & Property Insurance
  •   Math Review
  •   Chapter 14 Quiz
  •   Appraisal Terminology and Concepts
  •   Appraisal Process and Certification
  •   More Math
  •   Chapter 15 Quiz
  •   Primary & Secondary Lenders
  •   Types of loans & financing
  •   Dodd-Frank Effects on Financing
  •   Chapter 16 Quiz
  •   Commercial & Business Loans
  •   Financial Analysis & Financial Documents
  •   And more Math…
  •   Chapter 17 Quiz
  •   Value of a Business To Sell
  •   Cash Flow, Accounting & Audits
  •   Writing The Offer & forms of Ownership
  •   Chapter 18 Quiz

Please read our agreement.  Once you start our course, we do not give any refunds.  That’s part of the reason we can keep the price of the course at $450, the Contract Writing class at $20 for our learners, and you won’t need to purchase any other quizzes, books or have a tutor… at least that’s what our learners tell us.

Sedona, AZ 86336  928-274-4088 /

Name of Applicant____________________________________

Email Address  ____________________________________________

Phone Number ________________________

Welcome to how2educate LLC’s learning center.  You are taking ______ which covers the Arizona __________ Prelicense Course of 90 hrs.

The course requires you to be in the classroom 90 hours.  We are different in that we do not do the traditional instructor-centric lecture teaching style.  We will have you access our platform at:  There you will access 18 Chapters that meet all the outline requirements of the Arizona Department of Real Estate, and many, many quizzes to help you judge your knowledge and to prepare you for the final school exam and the subsequent State of Arizona exam.  Your class day will be yours to study chapters and pass quizzes. 

Salesperson candidates will be required to take a 6-hour contract writing class, either with how2educate LLC (an additional $20 for our learners) or another school.  This class must be taken prior to activating your Arizona license.

Broker candidates must take the 9-hour Broker Management Clinic trilogy prior to activating their license.  how2educate LLC charges $60 for the 3 classes.

The cost of the prelicense course is $450.

You must complete the course and have taken the school test within 180 days, unless you have written permission from the Administrator to take more time.  You have 3 opportunities to pass the school exam before you will be required to retake the course.

This is a no-refund course once the course is paid for and started.  This agreement is also your receipt.

Learners will keep an attendance sheet which will be compared with the school’s log..  Completion certificates are sent to you when our paperwork is complete.

Kathy Howe, administrator/educator/broker, will be with you during the class days and will assist you with your questions.  She will also review quizzes with you and make recommendations intended to help you in the learning process.  Please remember that our course is designed to allow study at times convenient for you, but this does not mean the course should be taken lightly or that you may “study at home”.  The 90 hours relates to a course taken over 2 semesters in college and that’s why the ADRE will only allow credit for 2, 5-hr sessions per day.  Prior to taking the final school exam, you may be given a “pre-test” to help you decide if you are ready for the final school exam.

Bring your computer or use one of ours… we look forward to our learning experience with you.

______________________  ______________________

Signature of Applicant            Signature of Kathy Howe

Rev. 6-26-16

Salesperson licenseTo sign up, go to the “shopping cart” and register/pay $450 for either class.

See you in class!!

We’ll make learning real estate fun!!

Kathy Howe, Owner/Administrator/Educator


  • how2educate LLC
  • 65 Manzanita Lane
  • Sedona, AZ 86336
  • 928-274-4088 (please read the information on the links before calling – many questions are answered by ADRE and cannot be answered by school – then we’d love to talk with you)

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