Arizona Real Estate Advertising Rules from AAR and ADRE

Real estate licensees are required to include the “employing broker’s” name on all advertising.  The small exception is in a Tweet, or a text, but the link must go to a place where the employing broker’s name is mentioned.  Here’s the entire article, published in 2014

The Employing Broker’s name must be on the ad.  Example:  A listing at 23 Cactus, Sedona must indicate who is the listing broker.  The salesperson’s name is not a requirement as the salesperson takes the listing in the name of the employing broker.  The Designated Broker is the managing and supervising person.

If you see a listing on a salesperson’s website, it may not be that the agent is not the listing agent.  Look down on the listing information and somewhere you will find “courtesy of……” or “listed by…..”  It won’t be in large letters and it’s usually located in the middle or towards the end, in small print.  The ad rules require it to be larger, but…

Hopefully this will assist you in determining if you are speaking with the listing broker or salesperson.

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