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how2educate LLC offers learners from Sedona, Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Cornville, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff, Parks, Belmont, and Prescott salesperson and broker classes at your own pace or accelerated to finish in as soon as 3 weeks.  We currently have learners from Sedona Verde Valley area, one from Belmont, and one from Parks, one from Flagstaff, and we just graduated our Prescott lady.  Enjoy the casual atmosphere, interactive class, and classmates while getting your Arizona Real Estate license.


In the 2016 year our learners put how2educate LLc in the top 4 of 38 real estate schools who teach broker and salesperson prelicense courses.

Out of 5 broker candidates, only 1 candidate did not pass on the first State Exam attempt.

Out of 23 salesperson candidates, 17 candidates passed the State Exam on their first attempt.

Thank you learners!  Have a great career.

Pictures of past classes…

how2educate real estate school how2arizona real estate school

how2educte real estate school

Instruction by learners how2educate

School Agreement, please read No refunds once you start the course.

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Arizona Real Estate License – Prelicense for Brokers and Salespersons

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