In Arizona Can I Use My Nickname as a Real Estate Licensee?

Does the Arizona Department of Real Estate allow you to use your nickname in advertising?

Let’s go through this step by step:

First, you must file your nickname and get approval through the ADRE by filing LI-235.

Perhaps we should start at the beginning of your licensing and help you understand the name that needs to be on file as a real estate licensee.

  1.  Your name must appear on your real estate license as it does on your legal presence information that you submit
  2.   You may use a nickname, IF it has been approved and registered with ADRE

So let’s take my name:

Kathleen Mary Oxler Howe, as it appears on my passport and my driver’s license.  Then, that’s how it must be displayed on my real estate license, except that it may show initials of “M” and “O” instead of writing out Mary and Oxler.

I may advertise as Kathleen Howe, with “Kathy” inserted above, below, in between, before or after…

I googled up “How many Kathy Howe names listed in the US”:

52 results found for Kathy Howe in AZ

If you are a State who regulates real estate licensees, you need to find the right one.  If you are a consumer looking for a listing real estate agent in Arizona, you need to be given the proper link, don’t you think?

So, let’s take this a bit further.  You are licensed properly with the State regulators.  Then you join the REALTOR associations…  In my case, there is NAR, AAR, PAR, SVVAR, and NAAR, 3 MLSs, and

My name is not the same anywhere.  Yikes!!!

And, worse, there are old website addresses, old brokerage names, phone numbers that have been gone for as many as 8 years.

In this day of technology, isn’t it time for the REALTOR association to demand syncing of information from one source?

It seems to me that the source should be the State Association.

I have asked the ADRE about “syncing” and the only problem they have in Arizona is that there is law that does not allow them to give out to anyone, an agent’s personal information.  They have the ability to sync the name and brokerage only.

The Arizona Association of REALTORS should require the properly synced info for their sub associations and those MLSs that members belong to.  A one-stop-shop for ALL changes.

Check all of your information.  Is it accurate and up to regulations?

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Find yourself at

Check the information going out on your local MLS and any MLSs you advertise on.

It’s important that your advertising is compliant with your local regulatory department.  But, to be successful, it is important that your potential clients can find you.  Name recognition is golden.

If you are having trouble with the “syncing” of your information, let your state organization know.  In AZ, please contact Membership at:  602-248-7787 or email them.

I’ve asked just how the syncing should occur, and here is the answer:

Your local Association, the primary one, is responsible for letting NAR know about you.  NAR in turn lets the State Association know about you.  Does this sound a bit circuitous?  It should.  Many of us have to belong to many local associations because we don’t have a state-wide MLS.  That’s my story.  So my primary association, PAR, is in charge of the information that is out there about me.  Any secondary association gets the information after it makes the rounds.

Question:  Is this the way to run a business?

Maybe we can all get NAR to make our lives easier by having the State Association be the syncing center.

What do you think?

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