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From the April 2019 Bulletin from ADRE

Kathy Howe, an Arizona real estate educator in Sedona, reminded me recently, that all Arizona real estate professionals must remember that Arizona law grants great privilege and responsibility, including the right for licensees to draft and create contracts according to Article 26 of the Arizona Constitution. Article 26 states: “Any person holding a valid license as a real estate broker or a real estate salesman, regularly issued by the Arizona State Real Estate Department, when acting in such capacity as broker or salesman for the parties, or agent for one of the parties to a sale, exchange, or trade, or the renting and leasing of property, shall have the right to draft or fill out and complete, without charge, any and all instruments incident thereto including, but not limited to, preliminary purchase agreements and earnest money receipts, deeds, mortgages, leases, assignments, releases, contracts for sale of realty, and bills of sale.”

Our performance as a school:   Since the first of the year through July 31:

6 Brokers:  4 passed first try.

7 Salespersons:  6 passed on the first try

We take a personal interest in your work.  Over 1,000 questions in the materials you have access to when you take our course.

We are proud of our learners and are always working to improve our teaching methods and our learners’ experiences, both salespeople and brokers.

Yes, we teach you more than most schools and we give you “practical application” because Kathy Howe is a practicing real estate broker.

We want you to enter into a profession fully armed with the tools to be successful

We welcome you looking over how our learners do at the State exam.  If you think this could work for you… sign up…we welcome all learners, broker candidates and salesperson candidates.


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