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Circled days are prelicense days for brokers and salespersons. .Blue circle days are “double days”  8AM-1PM and 1PM-5PM.  Come for one or both.

It’s a good time to get your broker’s license…think about it.

We just received our 2016 “first time” pass rate when we asked for and received from ADRE’s Public Information Dept and we ranked in the top 4 AZ RE Schools who teach salesperson and broker prelicense courses.  That includes colleges.  Thank you to those students who made it through our course.  Thank you to all of you who refer learners to us.  We try not to let you down.


June 5  Contract Writing 

  • 9AM-2:30PM  Contract Writing (3 hrs legal & 3 hrs Contract)

June 12

  • 9AM-Noon  Fair Housing is Just Good Business (3 hrs Fair Housing)
  • Noon-3PM  Surveys, Boundaries, and Disputes  (3 hrs Legal)
  • 3PM-6PM   Rules, Rules,Trivia (3 hrs Commish Stds)

June 13

  • 9AM-Noon  Disclosure of Material Facts  (3 hrs Disclosure)
  • Noon-3PM  Leasing and Property Management Agreements (3 hrs Contract)
  • 3PM-6PM   Are you a Special Agent or a Secret Agent (3 hrs Agency)

June 14

  • 9AM-Noon  Vacation Rentals (3 hrs Legal)
  • Noon-3PM  Chemicals, Mold, and Disclosure (3 hrs Disclosure)

$20/each class  $75/6   $90/8


Pay by check/cash at class time or shopping cart to pay by credit card or debit card

See you in class!

kathy howe how2educate


Kathy Howe

  • 1120 W SR89A  B5
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088


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