Sedona Real Estate Open House Signs

Sedona real estate open house signs will now need a permit from the city and will have to meet certain size regulations.

The following regulations will apply to the specific temporary signs as indicated and subject to the issuance of a temporary sign permit:

  • Up to four temporary signs may be placed either on the owner’s property or offsite for the purpose of directing the public when the property owner is opening the property to the public for a residential or nonprofit activity such as real estate open house, garage/yard sale or estate sale. A maximum of one sign may be located onsite and a maximum of three signs may be located off-site, with no more than one sign per turning movement.
  • Signs may be displayed a maximum of 12 times per year.
  • Signs may be displayed between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Signs shall not exceed three square feet in area and three feet in height.
  • Signs shall not be illuminated.
  • Signs shall not be placed so as to create a traffic hazard, as determined by city staff. Signs shall not be placed in ADOT rights-of-way, traffic medians, public sidewalks or bicycle paths.
  • Signs may be placed in city of Sedona rights-of-way in residential districts, but shall not be attached to any trees, fences, utility poles, light posts, street signs or any other public facility located within city rights-of-way.
  • Signs shall have sufficient weight and durability to withstand wind gusts, storms and other weather elements.
  • Signs shall not be made of flimsy or unstable materials such as cardboard boxes, poster board or paper.
  • Signs shall not have attachments, including, but not limited to, balloons, ribbons, loudspeakers, etc.
  • Signs may be placed on privately owned property in residential districts with the written permission of the property owner.
  • Accepting payment or any form of compensation for the placement of off-premise signs is prohibited.
  • Temporary signs in residential districts shall be used only for wayfinding purposes.
  • Violations are subject to any and all adopted fees and enforcement policies and regulations.

In addition, temporary off-premises signs in commercial districts are prohibited except for temporary wayfinding signs for nonprofit or residential activities which are permitted occurring adjacent to commercial districts.

Council also discussed an intergovernmental agreement the city has with the Arizona Department of Transportation in terms of state routes 89A and 179. Currently, ADOT does not allow any off-premise signs in its rights of way.

Through the agreement, the city is in charge of many aspects of the roadway including maintaining sidewalks, bike lanes, markings, street sweeping and the removal of all off-premise signs. The agreement with ADOT was signed in 2007.

Many of we Sedona real estate brokers self-police our agents and help them understand where the signs can be and cannot be.  Some Sedona real estate brokers either don’t understand the rules or just turn a blind eye to their agents putting open house signs in the ADOT rights-of-way.

The Council warned the Sedona real estate community that if the REALTORS did not police their people and the signs continued to be placed along the ADOT rights-of-way, the Council might return to the subject and do what Flagstaff has done with real estate signs:  ban all open house and directional signs.


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