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Our learners are the best at how2educate!  Come join us!  Join #teamkathy!

how2educate LLC:  Arizona Real Estate Prelicense School in Sedona, AZ

90 hours of real estate prelicense training for salespersons and brokers.  You come to class when it’s convenient for you.  You heard right!  Choose a day, start at 8AM and stay till 2PM or leave when you must leave.  Many of our learners have other jobs, are parents, or just have commitments which require them to come and go according to their schedule rather than ours.  We give our learners 6 months to complete the course, but some finish the month they begin.  Our course:  $450 includes all the materials you need.  You will have to take a contract writing class before activating your license.  You can take ours for $20.

Schedule:  Click here.

Recently some of the learners dubbed their experience #teamkathy.  It sounded like a good idea to give them their own website for announcements and a way to keep in contact with each other.

With the change in the classroom experience from the staid business classroom to my living room which is a great room perimetered by windows with views of Chimney Rock, Thunder Mountain, and Wilson Mountain, the learners are more apt to be involved in the discussions.  Learning becomes a more pleasant experience.

We do discussions together, quizzes together, and flashcards together.

Take a look at  

We’d love to have you as one of our successful learners at how2educate LLC.  Our class is designed to engage you, not just have you memorize volumes of materials (of course, you will do that too), but to actually participate in the discussions and be able to ask questions.

Make #teamkathy your Arizona Real Estate Prelicense Experience.


  Kathy Howe, head cheerleader, educator, administrator

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