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Are you ready for a career as an Arizona real estate professional?


We are thrilled with our 2016 State Exam First Time Pass Rate:  We ranked in the top 4 real estate schools out of 38 who taught Prelicense over the year.

Out of 5 Broker Candidates, only 1 did not pass the first try at the State Exam.

Out of 23 Salesperson Candidates, 17 passed the State Exam on the first attempt.

We want you prepared when you start your career.

$450 gets you through the school.

We stepped up the number of days to facilitate the people we have in class who want to get finished as soon as possible as well as those who can only come one day a week.  Ask about days that work for you.

Not shown on the Sept schedule, we added Fridays and the 30th.

Blue circled “double” days are 8AM-Noon and 1PM-5PM (The ADRE used a 50-minute hour. We don’t do breaks and work straight through the 4 hrs and 10 min which meets the requirement).  You may come for one or both.  1 session equates to 5 hours.  2 equates to 10 hours.

Red circled days are half days beginning at 8AM.

The Arizona Real Estate Department requires 90 in-classroom-hours and pass the school exam before you can take the State exam.  You take your classes on the days that work for you.

The minimum number of hours in the classroom is 90 hours, but you may come to class as often as you like.  You have 6 months to complete the course.

Note for prelicense learners:  Contract Writing class is $20 to our learners and $40 for others.

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Arizona, through the 26th amendment to the State constitution, allows a real estate agent to:

“Section 1. Any person holding a valid license as a real estate broker or a real estate salesman regularly issued by the Arizona State Real Estate Department when acting in such capacity as broker or salesman for the parties, or agent for one of the parties to a sale, exchange, or trade, or the renting and leasing of property, shall have the right to draft or fill out and complete, without charge, any and all instruments incident thereto including, but not limited to, preliminary purchase agreements and earnest money receipts, deeds, mortgages, leases, assignments, releases, contracts for sale of realty, and bills of sale.”

So what will you learn?

  • You won’t learn to “sell” real estate in the classroom.
  • You won’t learn to “show houses”
  • You will learn what it’s like to really study
  • You will learn Arizona law as it relates to real estate
  • You will learn basic real estate law

The 90 hours you will take through an approved Arizona real estate school equates to 2 college semesters… in 90 hours.  It’s tough and it’s not just about memorizing terms or quiz questions.  It’s about learning the terms and applying them situationally.  Our real estate commissioner wants to be sure that you can practice what you learn.  Then you get a license.  Then you hang your license with an employing broker who will further train you in “selling” real estate.

Candidate handbook  Please read this.  It’s complete about the process.

Fingerprinting:  Go to and sign up for an appointment.  Fingerprints are coming back in less than 2 weeks.  (click the paid employee link and scroll down to real estate).

Does Arizona have a specific course for Timeshare salespeople?  No.  Anyone wanting a real estate license in Arizona must take the entire course and pass the entire course through both the school and the State.


how2educate’s 90 hour real estate course is one set of materials taught to both salespeople and brokers.  We believe that salespersons need to be aware of the responsibilities of the brokers and why a broker requires certain things of their agents.  We respect the role the broker plays in the real estate community and we respect the fact that salespeople need leaders, trainers, and visionaries.  Yes, we teach them together.  Yes, our broker candidates share the classroom with the salesperson candidates, and yes, it works.

We set higher standards for our trainees than many schools..  We require an 88% passing score on our school final.

How do we teach you?

We do a blended method of learning.  The real estate materials will come to you digitally through our online platform which you can access night or day.  The 90 hours will be granted on the days you come to class on designated instruction days.  On class days, your instructor, Kathy Howe, will review different sections with those learners who are in the classroom.  Sometimes the learners do the teaching in 5 minute segments (See Jim Stark do a presentation on AZ Water Law in above photo).  It’s interactive, not lecture.  But, the real learning is by independent study (reading of the class materials).  We have quizzes after each chapter, a pretest before taking the final and multiple chances for the learner to take the final exam of the school.  We’d prefer you are equipped to take the State exam before you try.  If you fail the State exam, it’s a $75 hit every time you try.  We think it’s important to do it right the first time.

For those who want to “crash course” it:  We schedule “double days” each month.  AM 5 hours and PM 5 hours.  If you attend all 5 days, you will have earned 50 of your 90 hours in one week.  There are other days (see schedule) indicated by circles which are 5 hour days starting at 9AM.

Remember that you will only get your real estate license as soon as Arizona’s DPS can give you background clearance.

So, think this life is for you?

School/Learner agreement, please read.  We don’t give refunds once you start.

Looking forward to meeting you…

Feel free to call…  928-274-4088


Kathy Howe, Owner/Administrator/Educator

PS:  Remember:  all 90 hours must be taken in the classroom.


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