Preparing for an Arizona Real Estate License

how2educate’s real estate salesperson and broker 90 hour course

Our real estate prelicense training is just what you need to get you started in real estate.  90 hours in the classroom.  Materials on our platform:

You must pass the school exam before taking the AZ state exam.


Blue circled days are prelicense days… we begin at 8AM and go until Noon-2.  You come to classes on days you can make it.

Our Sedona real estate prelicense school:

What do we teach you?  We teach you real estate law, not how to sell real estate.  Our learners learn the subject matter as outlined by the Department of Real Estate.  Our course is the Broker course outline because we think you need to know what brokers know.  You’ll be working for one, and we want you to understand WHY they ask you to do things you’ll be asked to do as their licensee.  You will have the privilege to be in class with agents who are upgrading to brokerhood.  They bring reality to the classroom and from them, you will understand how real estate works in the real world.

Our course materials are online, but you must be in the classroom for 90 hours.  Our $450 covers all classroom materials.  We have 20 quiz questions after each of the 18 chapters, comprehensive quizzes, pretests, etc.

FYI:  The Arizona Department of Real Estate does not allow us to “teach to the test” as in earlier years.  The current Commissioner does not allow school owners or instructors to be part of the persons who write the questions.

how2educate LLC tries to give you more.  In our classroom, you are allowed to ask questions… we encourage it.  We do flashcards and quizzes with you so you understand the right answers as well as the wrong answers.  We help you connect the dots.

Our learners at Sedona’s Real Estate School, how2educate LLC, dubbed the experience:  #teamkathy, so we created a website for them:    Have a look!!

We are proud of our learners and work to assist them in finding the right fit when they choose a broker.  We are here for them during and after their training.

Join us… love to have you!

First read our agreement.  There are no refunds after you begin the course.  

Click on the paypal button below (you must first have to have a paypal account, but can use your visa, mastercard, debit, etc), pay…I’ll be notified and will then send you your ID and password so you can begin to access the reading materials.


See you in class…


Kathy Howe, owner/administrator

how2educate LLC


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