Get An Arizona Real Estate License Course for $300!

$300 for new salesperson or broker learners.

We will Zoom classes from my house to yours!

You will receive an invitation so as to connect with Kathy Howe, Instructor/Host on Zoom.  So easy.  Many of you are probably already using Zoom.

$300 covers everything but the contract writing class which is $20.

You need 90 hours. You may attend any and all classes. Our school allows you to pick and choose the times and days you attend.

Red circles: 1-4 3.5 hrs credit

Black circles: 9-Noon 3.5 hrs credit

Blue circles: 9-Noon and 1-4 7 hrs credit

We do not do breaks. The Arizona Department of Real Estate calls an hour, a 50 min hour, assuming you will be given a break. We don’t do breaks.

You need only sign up below. Paypal will notify us and we will immediately set you up on our platform, All materials are online and cover everything. No additional costs for quizzes, books, or special classes. Your only additional costs will be for the Contract Writing class or the Broker Management Clinics.

Click here to see how our classes work or here.  CE:  click here

Kathy Howe lectures and engages you with flashcards, quizzes and discussion while you are in class.  Even Math is not so bad.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate certifies certain schools and instructors to teach Arizona real estate prelicense classes.  Our ADRE school number if S06-0024.  Click on the links below to access the requirements of the ADRE for Arizona real estate salesperson and broker applicants:

Salesperson License

Broker License

Kathy Howe how2educate

Licensee FAQs from ADRE

Fingerprint Clearance Card

Get your Arizona real estate license (either Broker or Salesperson) in the beautiful city of Sedona, AZ.

The Dearborn book written by Kathy Howe has been revised.

School Agreement  Read carefully as we do not give refunds after beginning the course.

If you are ready to get started, you must first have a paypal account, but you can set it up and still pay with visa, mastercard, debit card, etc.

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