Arizona Seller Property Disclosure Statement

Please understand that this document is copyrighted by the Arizona Association of REALTORS and is being used to show prospective buyers what they can expect as a minimum from an Arizona seller.  If you do not receive one, please give great consideration to the purchase of the property.


You may hear an agent or a seller say “The seller has never lived on the property” or “I’ve never lived on the property”.  Some investors use the same excuse for not providing disclosure, but, investors have had property managers and tenants who have reported issues which the seller has paid for… those issues should be disclosed.


A “fix-n-flipper” who does not want to give the buyer a SPDS (Seller Property Disclosure Statement) or written disclosures knows every nut and bolt in the property.  Arizona courts opine that a seller who does not disclose a material latent defect to a buyer treats the issue as one of non-existence.

If there are blanks, ask questions.  When you do the home inspection, ask the inspector about any blank lines.

Happy house hunting!!

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