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$300 for 90 hrs Salesperson or Broker classes.

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Continuing Education for June.

July 14   Discrimination is a learned behavior   

  • 3 hrs Fair Housing   
  • 11AM-2PM
We will be discussing the Long Island “steering” done by agents and we will explore the reasons we show bias, history, civil rights, and finally, making for a world of tolerance…  never having to say “I’m sorry”   $10
July 15  All 3 Broker Management Clinics
  • beginning at 8AM and ending at 5PM with 1/2 hr breaks at 10:30 and 1:30.    Commissioner’s Standards       $40
  • BMC #1  Statutes & Rules, 
  • BMC #2 Office Policies 
  • BMC #3 Management & Supervision
July 16  Agency & Arizona’s 26th Amendment   
  • 3 hrs Agency   
  • 11AM-2PM    $10
We go back to 1961 when the Arizona Bar Association sued the Arizona Land Title Association and Fred Hoffman Realty for practicing law without a license, to the AAR written citizen’s initiative which became Arizona’s 26th amendment to the state constitution which allows us to “fill in and draft” transaction documents without charge.  We’ll discuss disclosure responsibilities with and for Sellers and Buyers and how to differentiate duties with customers and non-clients.


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Kathy Howe, Owner/Administrator/Educator    how2educate LLC

  • 65 Manzanita Lane (classes held here unless noted differently)
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088

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