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how2educate September 2018 prelicense and CE schedule. 

Our prelicense and continuing education class schedule.  The blue circles are prelicense days that begin at 8AM and go to 2PM.  Red circled days begin at 8AM and end at Noon.

Click here for prelicense information.

Continuing Education






Pay by check/cash at class time or click on the paypal button (you must have a paypal account, but you can use your Visa, Mastercard, debit card, etc) or you can email me to reserve a seat and bring cash or a check to class.

Continuing Ed Classes

Hampton Mondays

90 hours in the classroom for our salespersons and our broker prelicense trainees.  Come have fun with us.  Kathy is just completing the Dearborn Arizona Real Estate Specific book.  Printing is scheduled for July 6.  But, those of you in the classes now and in May – June will have all the materials!!!  New stuff.

See you in class!

kathy howe how2educate


Kathy Howe, Owner/Administrator/Educator    how2educate LLC

  • 65 Manzanita Lane (classes held here unless noted differently)
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088


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