Arizona Real Estate Broker 90 Hour Prelicense Training

Sign up: $300 for 90 hour Broker Prelicense. 

The course will be delivered by Zoom.  Training materials are online.  You must have a laptop, computer, ipad, and Internet.  Text:  928-274-4088 for more information.  Payment through paypal only.

You will receive an invitation so as to connect with Kathy Howe, Instructor/Host on Zoom.  So easy.  Many of you are probably already using Zoom.

Each learner chooses the sessions they want to attend.  Make your own schedule.


Black circles are 9-Noon    3.5 hrs

Blue circles are 9-Noon and 1-4PM       7 hrs

Check the days you can attend and make sure they add up to 90 hrs.

Your instructor, Kathy Howe, has been teaching real estate learners since the 1990s in Arizona (and for 10 years in Hawaii).  She began teaching prelicense in 2011.

If you prefer a paper “book”, you may purchase the Dearborn Arizona Real Estate Specific book written by Kathy Howe: click here    

BOOK HAS BEEN REPUBLISHED.  Note:  it only contains 75% of the course.  Dearborn has another BIG book that has more national information in it.

The $300 registration fee covers the same materials online.  The book is approximately $40.  Order your own from Dearborn.  Click here.

Our 90 hour Prelicense Course is a blended method of online reading of the materials by learners in the classroom combined with lecture.  We use all methods of learning to assist all learning styles,  such as: flash cards, reviews of quizzes, reviews of the sections with the whole class, and Kathy will personally review your exams with you.

  • Read it:  You have it in your subconscious
  • Articulate it:  You have the memory up front
  • Demonstrate it to others:  You own it.  You comprehend it.

For broker candidates as well as salesperson candidates, our course materials are approved for both.  Certain information online is only for Broker candidates.


Agreement  Read carefully.  We offer no refunds after you begin the course.

If you are ready to purchase your course, you must have a paypal account, and you can use your paypal account to pay by debit card, visa, mastercard, etc., or you can make arrangements to pay by check or cash.


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Love to have you…

Once you have paid, the agreement will be sent to you for your digital signature.  And you are ready to begin your new career!

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Kathy Howe, Owner/Broker/Administrator

  • how2educate LLC
  • 65 Manzanita Lane
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088

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