Arizona’s 90 hour Salesperson Prelicense Course

$300 special to new learners who can complete the course my the end of May.

The Arizona Department of Real Estate is temporarily allowing schools to “live stream” the classes to you via Zoom (or another platform) during the Covid-19 crisis.  Must have access to internet, a computer, laptop, ipad… Our materials are online.  Text Kathy Howe, at 928-274-4088 for more information.  Must pay by paypal.

If you start 4-2, complete all the 12 classes, take the Contract Writing class on 4-21, you will have in all the hours and requirements (except the school exam and the state exam) to get your real estate license.

Join our blended method of teaching the Arizona Real Estate 90 hour Prelicense Course.  $450 covers all online materials for your classroom class, including hundreds of quiz questions.  Your instructor, Kathy Howe, has been teaching real estate learners since the 1990s in Arizona (and for 10 years in Hawaii).  She began teaching prelicense in 2011.

She has written the Arizona Real Estate Specific book for Dearborn Publishing.  Click here to purchase a copy at $30.48 plus shipping.  The $450 registration fee covers the same materials online.

Book is under revision with new curriculum.

TestimonialsClick here.

Classes start at 8AM until 2PM

The Department of Real Estate uses a 50 min hour, allowing for a 10 minute break every hour, but we don’t take the breaks, except for lunch. If you do take any breaks for phone calls or errands, you deduct the time you are gone.

You take your classes on the days that work for you.

The minimum number of hours in the classroom is 90 hours, but you may come to class as often as you like.  You have 6 months to complete the course.

Your class materials are online at  After you have signed up and signed the school agreement, a password will be sent to you.  Bring your computer to class.  It’s a digital world out there.

For broker candidates as well as salesperson candidates, our course materials are approved for both.

Come, join us!!  $450 covers everything for the preliense course unless you prefer to use a book.  The online materials and the book are very similar.  If you order it from this site we can save you some money.  If you wish to order it yourself (don’t forget the tax & shipping):  Click here.  Don’t order at this time.  Book is undergoing reprinting.

We’d like to add you to our graduate list.


Agreement  Read carefully.  We offer no refunds after you begin the course.

If you are ready to purchase your course, you must have a paypal account, and you can use your paypal account to pay by debit card, visa, mastercard, etc., or you can make arrangements to pay by check or cash.  Be sure to read the agreement before signing up.  We don’t give refunds.

Love to have you…

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