Arizona’s 90 hour Salesperson Prelicense Course

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Online in the classroom – 90 hours Arizona real estate prelicense training

We are an approved Arizona Real Estate Prelicense School in Sedona, AZ.  S06-0024

Blue circle days are prelicense days starting at 8AM.  Choose the days you wish to attend.  You come to class when it’s convenient for you to come  We usually finish between Noon and 2PM.

In 2016, we ranked in the top 4 schools who teach both broker and salesperson prelicense (38 schools, including colleges) for students who passed the State Exam on the first try.

5 Broker prelicense candidates, only 1 did not pass on the first attempt.

23 Salesperson prelicense candidates, 17 passed on the first attempt at the State Exam.

Our materials are accessed online and updated often to keep up with the changes in the Arizona Statutes and Rules.  The Arizona 90 hour prelicense course is much about the national laws, but more about Arizona specific Statutes and Rules which govern the manner in which Arizona licensees practice real estate.

Kathy Howe has served on the Arizona Real Estate Advisory Board as a member and as a Vice Chair (2007-2009).  Kathy has been teaching real estate in the state of Arizona since the 1990s and has owned and operated the Sedona Arizona Real Estate School since 2006.  All of the Arizona prelicense materials have been written by Kathy, also a practicing real estate broker, licensed in Arizona as a broker since 1989.  Real life situations will be used and discussed in class.

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The Arizona Department of Real Estate does not allow total online learning – only online learning in the classroom for learners taking the 90 hour prelicense real estate course in Arizona.  how2educate’s blended learning method, a method which is the current best model of teaching, is the school’s choice for learners.  It allows the learner to access the information online on their own, with the benefit of lecture to “connect the dots” by the instructor who is always in the classroom with the learners.

While schools cannot be responsible for the learner’s motivations and study habits, our school sets a high bar.  We teach all learners the broker curriculum and expect our learners to pass a school exam of 88%.  It goes a long way to ensure learners are prepared for their new career.  That’s why

Join us.  Classes are ongoing.  Hop in at any time that your schedule permits. $450 covers everything about the 90 hours.  No tutors necessary.

If you’re ready to study and start your new career, head to the shopping cart and sign up!


Agreement  Read carefully as we do not give refunds after you begin the course.

Then, if you are ready, purchase the course using your paypal account, visa, mastercard, etc., debit, but you must have a paypal account first.  Or you can make arrangements to pay by check or cash.


Kathy Howe

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