Study For Arizona Real Estate Exam

how2educate has been operating since 2006 in the Sedona area.  We teach sales and broker prelicense…the 90 hour live classroom course…and we teach all categories of continuing education after becoming licensed.

Some hints for studying:

Summarizing each paragraph in the margin helps retain the information. When you do this, you are comprehending what the paragraph means and restating into your own words, with your own connections and examples.

Indications are that studying in the afternoon is the best time.  Even though you think you are a morning or a night person, it’s possible that the afternoon is a better time because you will have done chores, are without distractions, and can spend more time reading.

It’s important to get good sleep.  Get a good night’s sleep before and after you study.  Cramming all night is not a way to study for an exam.  Maybe you were able to get through college by partying, then cramming, then testing; but, you are older now.

Even if reading online, make paper and pencil notes.  Studies have shown that the act of writing is more helpful to retention than taking notes on a computer.

Read your notes out loud.  While most learners are visual, there are those who are auditory and those who are kinesthetic learners.Reading out loud will give you the auditory experience.  It will also be similar to teaching yourself.

Most of all, be interested in what you are learning.

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