Arizona Real Estate Exam Questions

200 Arizona specific real estate exam questions!  For both salesperson and broker candidates.


Complete with rationale for each question.  We have put together 200 real estate questions that will challenge your knowledge about Arizona real estate statutes and rules.

If you are attending another real estate school, we make these available to you for $45.00.  We do so with the caveat that we DO NOT KNOW what any of the questions are on the Pearson Vue exam.  These questions have been given to our learners at how2educate real estate in Sedona who have (along with studying the written materials) passed the Arizona real estate exam on the first try… we hope these help you. And if you need more help then consider looking into private tutoring.

A sample question from the exam:


Who needs to have a real estate license in Arizona?

A. A developer selling more than 10 homes
B. An attorney-in-fact selling the home of a principal
C. A trustee selling under a court order
D. A person doing property management for 3 different owners of 3 different properties


D.  Correct answer: While there is an exception for an unlicensed person doing leasing for ONE individual, the intent of the law is to have a licensed person doing property management for consumers under licensing regulations designed to protect the consumer



Victor and Norman are co-owners in fee simple of a small office building. Norman dies intestate and leaves nothing to be distributed to his heirs. Victor is neither related to Norman nor his creditor. Which of the following would explain why Victor acquired Norman’s interest?

A. Beneficiary Deed
B. Reversionary Rights
C. Joint Tenancy
D. Tenants in Common
C.  Correct answer: Upon death in a joint tenancy, all remaining interests do not pass to the heirs or according to the will, but to the surviving joint tenant. Joint tenancy assumes with right of survivorship. In Arizona, married people usually use community property or community property with right of survivorship.

Please remember that these are copyrighted materials and are not to be copied or shared with others.  We appreciate your understanding.  We also do not give refunds, nor do we guarantee you will pass the Arizona real estate exam (you have attended another real estate school and we don’t know how you were trained or what materials you used to learn the information).

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