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Name of Applicant____________________________________

Email Address_______________________________________

Phone Number ________________________

Welcome to how2educate LLC’s learning center.  You are taking ________ which covers the Arizona ___________________ Prelicense Course of 90 hrs.

Course requirements:

  • You must be in the classroom for 90 hours
  • You must pass the school test with an 88% or greater

Kathy Howe, administrator/educator/broker, will be your instructor during class periods.  There will be lecture, discussion, and quizzes.  All course materials are online at for which learners must have a password to access.  Learners should be prepared to bring their laptops. 

Salesperson candidates will be required to take a 6-hour contract writing class, either with how2educate LLC (an additional $20 for our learners) or another school.  

Broker candidates must take the 9-hour Broker Management Clinic trilogy prior to activating their license.  how2educate LLC charges $30 for the 3 classes or $15/class, or learners may take the clinics online through an online school.

You must complete the course and have taken the school test within 120 days, unless you have written permission from the Administrator to take more time.  You have 3 opportunities to pass the school exam before you will be required to retake the course.  Should a learner go past the 120 days, additional fees will apply.

This is a no-refund course once the course is paid for and started.  This agreement is also your receipt.

Learners will be required to sign in and out for each class.  Completion certificates are sent to you have passed your final school exam with an 88% or above and when all paperwork is complete.

At the end of the class you will be given a survey to fill out at the time you receive your certificate.  

______________________        ______________________

Signature of Applicant                 Signature of Kathy Howe

Rev. 12-24-20

Sales, Broker, Book, Extend course

Kathy Howe, Owner, Administrator, Educator

65 Manzanita Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

928-274-4088 Text or Call

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