Sedona Real Estate Continuing Education

  • Dec 29  Arizona’s Water History (Disclosure) 9AM-11:30  Zoom/Live
  • Dec 29  Transaction Best Practices (Commish Stds) Noon-2:30  Zoom/Live
  • Jan 4  Publishing Co-Broke Commissions (PENDING – legal)  9AM-11:30  Zoom/Live
  • Jan 4  Escrow & Title (PENDING – Disclosure)  Noon-2:30   Zoom/Live
  • Jan 6  Broker Management Clinic 1 (Commish Stds)  8AM-10:30 Zoom/Live
  • Jan 6  Broker Management Clinic 2 (Commish Stds)  11AM-1:30  Zoom/Live
  • Jan 6  Broker Management Clinic 3 (Commish Stds)  2PM-4:30 Zoom/Live
  • Jan 8  Buyer Broker Representation (PENDING – Agency)  9AM-11:30 Zoom/Live
  • Jan 8  Roots of Discrimination (NEW-PENDING – Fair Hsg) Noon-2:30  Zoom/Live
  • Jan 29  Breakups by BINSR (PENDING-contract) – 9am-11:30  Zoom/Live
  • Jan 29  The Appraisal (PENDING – disclosure)  Noon-2:30  Zoom/Live

CE classes $10/ea LIVE or ZOOMED.

$450 for 90 hrs Salesperson or Broker classes

Click here for prelicense information.  Each is a “crash” course of 2 weeks for the full 90 hrs.

Real Estate book…  HAS BEEN REPUBLISHED  


Pay by check/cash at class time or click on the paypal button (you must have a paypal account, but you can use your Visa, Mastercard, debit card, etc) or you can email me to reserve a seat and bring cash or a check to class.

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Register for any class by emailing me…

See you in class!

kathy howe how2educate

Kathy Howe, Owner/Administrator/Educator    how2educate LLC

  • 65 Manzanita Lane (classes held here unless noted differently)
  • Sedona, AZ
  • 928-274-4088

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