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Prelicense Schedule

July 2015 with pre

PLEASE read these pages:  

For Salespersons   For Brokers

Find out more about our online presentation:

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We currently run an 80% pass rate over the last 9 months.

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We do not have a lecture model.  Students study the materials off the Internet and have help from Kathy Howe, educator, in connecting the dots.  Some classes are “matching”, or “tell me all you know about”, or a 5 minute presentation on a topic…  We respect the learners ability to learn on their own time and at their own pace.

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Both Salespersons and Brokers…

Circled days represent prelicense class dates.

For Continuing Education class schedule:  Click here.

To help you schedule: 

You need 18 5-hour classroom days.  Classes begin at 9 or make different arrangements with Instructor.  You can do up to 2 Chapters a day for a total of 10 hours max allowed per day by ADRE.  Most learners do a 5 hour day and study more at home… but the choice is yours.  That means 18 days in order to have your 90 hours.

Bring your laptop, computer, or tablet.  We do have a few computers for those who do not yet have a portable device.

Classes are $450 for either Salesperson or Broker Training.  Includes all study materials.

Contract Writing class for salespersons:  $20 for the 6 hr class – special for those starting after January 1, 2015

Broker Management Clinics for brokers:  $60  for the 9 hr (3 3-hr classes).

Location, see MAP

Kathy Howe  SedonaKathy

Kathy Howe

  • 928-274-4088
  • 1120 W SR89A, B5, Sedona, AZ 86336

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