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Prelicense Schedule

Circled days are prelicense days that start at 9AM.

how2educate april 2016 May 2016 how2educate

Note:  In May we will be having a full review day for our learners.  Because we get calls from learners from other prelicense schools, we will welcome those who want to go through our review.  Cost:  $40 for a 5 hour session.

PLEASE read these pages:  

For Salespersons   For Brokers

Find out more about our online presentation:

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Please read the agreement.  We do not give refunds.

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We do not have a lecture model.  Students study the materials off the Internet while in the classroom (nope – no book) and have help from Kathy Howe, educator, in connecting the dots.  Some classes are review of a chapter by Kathy, some are “matching”, or “tell me all you know about”, or a 5 minute presentation by the learner on a topic…  We respect the learners ability to learn on their own time and at their own pace.  It’s all about you.  You come and go as you please.

The online materials contain videos, matching tests, quizzes after every chapter to help you get used to taking exams, actual situational real estate discussions (Kathy is an active listing and selling broker of her own company, how2arizona real estate LLC).  

Our contact writing course is all about teaching you the contract and addendums but we go a step further and our class uses MLS, Zipforms, and eSign — hands on!  You’ll digitally write an offer and send it by eSign.

We want you to hit the road running….  real estate is all about the computer these days.  Get a jump on your competition.  Learn on the computer on prelicense days.  Learn the contract by writing one.

These two people, Glen Gill of Sugarland Texas, Broker, and Laurie Schoneman, Dallas-Ft Worth, Salesperson, came in on February 17, 2016 and took (and passed the first time) their respective State exams on March 1.  Here they are at the Phoenix airport celebrating their successes.  They texted me this picture to let me know they had passed and were celebrating, awaiting their respective planes back home to Texas.  Since that time Glen Gill has become an Associated Broker with Lifestyles of Arizona LLC, Kathy’s brokerage.  Laurie remains inactive at this time (4-18-16)

Glen Gill & Laurie Schoneman how2educate

Two more prelicense people took the State salesperson exam and passed on their 1st try.  Brien Paquette has joined Century 21 Sexton and Florian Wahl is just submitting his info to the AZ Department of Real Estate.  We are proud of our first time pass rate.

Join us.  The course is rigorous but our learners tell us they are happy they can go into the State exam knowing their chances of passing the first time are better than most.

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Both Salespersons and Brokers…

For Continuing Education class schedule:  Click here.

To help you schedule: 

You need 18 5-hour classroom days.  Classes begin at 9 or make different arrangements with Instructor.  You can do up to 2 Chapters a day for a total of 10 hours max allowed per day by ADRE.  Most learners do a 5 hour day and study more at home… but the choice is yours.  That means 18 days in order to have your 90 hours.

Bring your laptop, computer, or tablet.  We do have a few computers for those who do not yet have a portable device.

Classes are $450 for either Salesperson or Broker Training.  Includes all study materials.  Read Agreement.  Go to Shopping Cart.  As soon as you have purchased the class, an email will be sent to you with your platform ID and password and you can begin looking over the materials for your license.

Contract Writing class for salespersons is not included in the $450 class price, but we run a special for any of our learners:  $20 for the 6 hr class

Broker Management Clinics for brokers:  $60  for the 9 hr (3 3-hr classes).

Location, see MAP

Kathy Howe SedonaKathy

Kathy Howe

  • 928-274-4088
  • 1120 W SR89A, B5, Sedona, AZ 86336

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